Member recruitment

Our lab aims to develop new research tools and useful technologies for understanding the cellular reprogramming process, and for gene and cell therapy applications. Brand new research building, friendly staff, collaborative environment, and state-of-the-art equipment are waiting for you!

Postdoctoral Fellow

Are you interested in joining the Hota lab? We are looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow to advance genome editing therapy together. Please contact me for further inquiry.

CiRA, Kyoto University

Shonan iPark, T-CiRA Joint Program with Takeda Pharma

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research in Japan [外国人特別研究員 (一般)]

We are happy to be a host researcher to apply for the JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow program, one of the most prestigious fellowships supported by the Japanese government. Below is detailed information about the Standard program.

Standard Program
Monthly allowance ¥362,000-
Other allowance Roundtrip Airfare,
Settling-in allowance ¥200,000-
Duration 12-24 months
Eligibility Foreign citizen,
Hold a Ph.D. (within 6 years)

(For detailed information, please check the JSPS website.)

1st Recruitment 2nd Recruitment
Application Start July March
Document Check by Kyoto Univ. End of July Mid March
Submission Deadline of Kyoto Univ. End of August Mid April
Submission to JSPS by Kyoto Univ. August-Early September Late April
Result Announcement Late December Early August
Research starts in Japan Between April-September Between September-November
Number of awardees Approx 115 Approx 115

Application process

  1. Contact Akitsu to discuss your research proposal and obtain approval for the application.
  2. Prepare FORM2 (CV, Research Achievements [1 page], Research Proposal [2 pages], etc.) and a Reference letter (signed PDF, 1 page, English or Japanese) from your current supervisor.
    • Use the downloaded Form files and do not change the page number and size.
    • Use font size 12 pt or larger (Times New Roman font).
    • You can include Figures (Arial font) and Tables in FORM2.
    • Each file size must be less than 3 MB.
  3. Akitsu will prepare FORM1 and submit all the application documents through JSPS online system.
  4. Admission office of Kyoto Univ will check the document format.
  5. Kyoto Univ will submit the documents to JSPS.

Selection policy by JSPS

  • Collaboration by the host researcher and candidate fellow will contribute to advancing science in Japan and counterpart countries.
  • Collaboration by the host researcher and candidate must be expected to advance the subject research.
  • The host researcher and candidate must have established contact in advance and created a concrete research plan.
  • As much as possible, unbalance should be avoided in the selectees' nationalities, host institutions, and areas of specialization. Care should be taken to allow people from a wide diversity of countries to come to Japan.



Graduate Student (Ph.D. course)

To join the Hotta lab, the candidate must pass the Entrance Examination of the Graduate School of Medicine at Kyoto University.

In addition, those who wish to apply shall obtain an application document and inquire about your eligibility by August. Foreign students need to submit their proof of Bachelor and Master's degrees by no later than August. Application deadline for Ph.D. students will be in September and the Entrance Examination will be in November to start the Ph.D. course from April, in general.

Please contact me to discuss your potential PhD project before submitting your application. Lab tour is also welcome.

Entrance Examination

Master course Ph.D. Course
Distribution of Application form May July
Submission of Application form July
(requires TOEFL or TOEIC score)
Exam August
(Basic Biology, Biology, Interview)
(English, Medicine/Biology, Interview)
Result Announcement September November

The above information is for reference purpose only. Please make sure to check the Department website.)

CiRA Research Internship Program

If you are interested in joining the Hotta lab, we encourage you to participate in the CiRA Research Internship program. Please contact me to consult your potential project and duration of stay. [CiRA website]

  • Period: approximately 1〜6 weeks (in June ~ October) *Negotiable
  • Available position: One student
  • Deadline: March, 2024 (for foreign student)

Career Path after graduation

We care about your dream and will support you as much as we can to fulfill your scientific career. Alumni are actively working as researchers at academia or pharmaceutical industries.